Hannah has long been interested in how the human body fundamentally works, repairs and heals.  Searching for a deeper understanding, Hannah completed studies at CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School & Clinic in Minneapolis (December 2018).

With the knowledge and hands-on experience of an Advanced Therapeutic Massage degree (paired with an education from working in the Chiropractic field for 6 years) she has opened her own massage practice (January 2019) with the goal of aiding each individual with their personal soft tissue and health journey.  To further help with the body's natural healing process, Kinesiology Taping and Fire Cupping are also offered as a complimentary modality to massage therapy.

You can find Hannah scooting all around the west metro on her moped in the summers, volunteering at Wings of the North Aviation Museum in Eden Prairie or simply hanging out at home with her husband Pete and their 2 cats watching something British or cooking healthy meals to enjoy (as she has not yet mastered the fine art of baking).  

"I drive from Orono to Victoria specifically to see Hannah!  I either get a full body massage or ask her to focus on a specific areas (usually neck and back).  She takes direction very well when I need her to focus on certain areas, makes sure I'm comfortable, relaxed and fully rejuvenated by the time I leave!

- (google review) Natalie J.

"Hannah is amazingly smart as she is sweet!  So knowledgeable and helpful about MANY THINGS!  Today she kinesio-taped my hand and it FEELS AWESOME! - (facebook review) Megan S.

"Very detail oriented, and amazing at reading what your body needs.  Would recommend her to anyone looking for a massage therapist.  She always makes me feel comfortable.  5 stars!" - (facebook review) Troy H.